Digium TDM 800P Analog Interface Card

Voice over internet protocol offers economical solutions and services to numerous nations worldwide. You will find numerous business voip systems on the market that provide worldwide calls at lower rates, technologies and items which will enable companies to improve their revenues. Because of the quantity of advantages of Voice over internet protocol, this has turned into a vital medium for that communication industry. Lately Digium, who is among the best Voice over internet protocol companies on the market, has joined with AMTELCO for supplying cost effective methods to the company firms.

Company Profiles

Digium may be the driving pressure behind Asterisk items. Everyone knows that Asterisk is broadly used by lots of business businesses worldwide. Asterisk items are very well recognized to supply the best Voice over internet protocol telephony softwares for their business clients. Digium items mostly are specific for medium and small based businesses by providing economical solutions and methods.

AMTELCO however provides a wide selection of PC based interface product for their clients and clients. The company is an expert in offering E&M interface solutions for radio dispatch connections and wireless communication to numerous Voice over internet protocol marketplaces worldwide.

What are the advantages of This Partnership?

Collaboration of those two best Voice over internet protocol companies is a superb boon for medium and small firms worldwide. Digium offers turnkey IP PBX solutions through Switchvox that enables companies to supply quality services inside a economical manner. Additionally for this licensed and open acquired form of Asterisk Voice over internet protocol items will also be offered for customer implementation.

According to Jim Becker, the V . P . of AMTELCO said the lindsey stirling between your two companies can help business businesses to tap new possibilities. This really is possible because of the brand new radio interface products and also the modern wireless technologies to medium and small businesses. He's certain that many companies will go for these best Voice over internet protocol services due to their reliability and top quality.

Small and medium businesses may use these effective services to grow their companies also to improve their revenues. This can be a great chance to allow them to explore new areas and broaden their companies to new levels. Since both these businesses are very well known and finest Voice over internet protocol companies, medium and small business firms can certainly open up to their services.


In a nutshell, we are able to conclude the business voip partnership between Digium and AMTELCO is a walking stone for a lot of small firms. With such best Voice over internet protocol services they'll have the ability to achieve to potential clients and concurrently boost the profits of the organization.